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Bubble Art

This is another super simple art activity which completely engaged my whole family (once I set it up of course). Set up is simple with only a few household items needed.

You will need: • white drawing or construction paper • small paper or plastic cups • blowing bubbles • food coloring • plastic straws (I used 7) • tape

Bubble Mixtures: Use 1 cup for each color. Add approximately 10-12 drops of color to 1 tbsp. of bubble mix. Mix.

Blowing Wand: Group your straws make sure they are kept level at the ends. Tape the group at about 1 to 2 inches from either end to securely hold in place. I taped at different measurements so my boys could easily tell which end was for their mouth.

Directions: Dip one end of the wand into the bubble mixture, and begin blowing onto the paper holding the end of the wand approximately 2 to 3 inches above the paper surface. You can rinse the end of the wand in a cup of water to clean between colors, just dry lightly before placing into the next color. We did our pieces in a few different layers of color, sometimes just using 2 color, sometimes using all the colors.

Tip: Place newspaper or and old table cloth below your working area. There will likely be a fine spray of color produced along with your bubbles.

My boys and I easily spent about 2 hours of our day playing with this projects. It was a lot of fun and super easy to clean up. Hope your kids enjoy!

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