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We are passionate about providing kids with a safe and fun environment to explore their own creativity. (new text needed) In the studio we work in many mediums for children to experiment with and express themselves. We  exercise our minds and bodies to make the creative process fun and interesting!

MONDAYS and WEDNESDAYS    |    2 – 3 pm

$ 15 p/child, siblings $10



Gather the family together for a fun night out of dinner, games, and art —
designed to be a joyful bonding experience, entertaining for all ages.

The evening begins with dinner* and drinks setup for your family either outside on the patio, or inside one of the classrooms. During dinner our instructor will explain the project your family will be working on. The projects to select from are designed to be enjoyable for all ages, and any skill level. Once dinner is complete we immediately get to work. For your youngest family members we have two playroom areas filled with toys where toddlers* are able to play and create safely, even draw on the walls, while the older family members finish up their projects. 


Your group may choose one medium to work in from the following list:

Acrylic on Canvas

Fabric Painting  (onto T-Shirts, Totes, or Baseball Caps)

 Paper  (using Gel Plates)  

 T-Shirts,  Totes,  or  Tea Towels  (using Stamps, Templates and Freehand)

Jewelry Beading

Necklaces,  Bracelets,  Anklets  or  Key Chains


Wheel-Throwing  or  Hand-Building

Wednesdays   |  6 – 8 pm   |  advance reservation required

Adults and Children   (4 yrs and up)  |   $42 

Toddlers   (18 mo.– 4 yrs)  |  $24     Children   (under 18 mo.)  |  $0

   Minimum Price per Family   |  $108  

* Dinner. Food is to be brought in by the family or ordered/delivered from any restaurant of your choice. The family is responsible for all food related expenses, including tipping for delivery, if needed. P@A! will set-up the dining area using “real” place-settings, utensils, glassware (child safe tumblers available), and linens.

* Toddlers must be supervised by a member of your group if unable to participate in the art projects.

* Pottery projects require a single firing for glazing. Projects will need to be picked up at the studio at a later date and distributed to guests by the host


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