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Pre-K Learning Group 

Keep your little one on-track for school readiness. EdStART classes focus on concept comprehension and reinforcement of skills needed for entering kindergarten. In the studio, the environment is always happy, fun, safe, encouraging and caring. Children feel a greater sense of empowerment and self-confidence through learning and exercising how to express themselves both verbally and visually, while learning all types of real-world lessons. 


Each week, Tr. Karen features a book thoughtfully selected by underlying theme, to be read during opening circle time. Children further expand their understanding through creative play-time during centers with Tr. Karen, and art studio with

Tr. Robin. Simultaneously we reinforce methods for little ones to learn teamwork, self-regulation, and conflict resolution, while we continuously work to practice and improve fine motor skills and verbal articulation.



Class size limited to 12 students  |  Ages 3 – 5 ​​

 EdStART  9:30 – 12 pm

Art-n-Eat optional  12 – 1 pm   |  $20 daily  |  *10% off full sessions

(Children should come with a packed lunch)

Extend your child's day with ART-n-Eat — lunch-hour in the studio with our teachers, where kids can extend their art- and play-time.

  2023 – 2024  

session 1    Sept. 22 – Dec. 22  (no classes Nov. 10 + 24)  |  12 classes  |  $696

                  second child sibling  $592  |  A-n-E  + $216

session 2    Jan.  5th – Mar. 22nd      |  12 classes  $696

                  second child sibling  $592  |  A-n-E  + $216

session 3    April 12th – May 24th   |  7 classes    $406

                  second child sibling  $345  |  A-n-E  + $126

Please Note: Rolling Admission. If space is available, children may join mid-session, but we request families commit through the remainder of that session for consistency for all children in the class. Tuition will be prorated for late enrollments.

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