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My love of art really began in the basement art room of my middle school. Art period was a time of stress free fun; of letting my imagination go, just to see where it took me; where my friends and I could be together, laugh, and listen to music. 
   We could experiment with all the tools and materials, make a mess, and it would be okay. We were encouraged to think outside the box, draw outside the lines, and be our own unique selves. 

    That I enjoyed those moments didn't necessarily mean one day I'd become an artist; but they shaped my life more than I would have ever imagined. At the time, I was just having fun.

   Now, years later, after a rewarding career in corporate and publishing design, teaching, and motherhood — I feel blessed to have the chance to share and pass on what had inspired me onto my path. 

   PLAY@ART is all about having  FUN —  allowing ourselves, and our minds, time to play, learn, create, make a mess, and inspire no matter what your age!  

—Robin Morrow, Owner and Instructor

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