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Mary Beth Taylor

Handcrafted jewelry is unique and each piece is created with love and passion.  I’ve had the pleasure to exhibit my handmade jewelry collection through craft shows, retail boutiques and vendor fairs in the past. My current focus is to share jewelry making with others interested in the art.  It is my hope that through teaching this craft, I’m able to share my love for personal jewelry with you, resulting in a final product that you designed and created. Jewelry making is fun for all ages, talent levels and budgets. The materials used are endless ranging from acrylic to crystals, metals, gemstones, and organic materials.  I truly look forward to meeting and producing wearable art with you, Let’s Play.


Mary Beth Taylor designs projects chosen to be both appropriate to each artists skill level and to be items worthy of wearing and giving

 Classes run for one month each, or 4 sessions. Projects are selected to be enjoyable for artists of any skill level and to be worthy keepsakes. 

ages 13 yrs and up

WEDNESDAYS Beading   |    6:30 – 8:30 pm

$100  p/ 4 session class

Bead fees are included  (some specialty beads, if selected, will be an additional charge).

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